Soulful Workshops

The Soul Mandala Workshop is not an art class and doesn’t require any specific experience or any artistic talent.

Come with an open mind and heart and let the magic unfold.

This is a safe space where anything is possible and everything is welcome. There is no expectation of anything that is supposed to happen. The experience as well as the mandala are unique to each person.

All materials are included.

Soul Mandala

The Soul Mandala is an insightful workshop to explore your inner being and create a mandala that reflects your soul.

This workshop offers a unique opportunity to connect to your essence and reflect on essential keys for your soul’s alignment. At the end, you will have created your unique mandala, either entirely from your own creative expression or from a personalized template. This mandala will serve as a mirror, a remembrance and a guide on your path. It can even activate your soul mission and/or clarify a new direction.

We will approach the Soul Mandala in the same way as the creation of a traditional mandala, that is, from the inside out.

Here is an overview of the topics we’ll be covering during the workshop:

  • A guided meditation to connect with your essence and access a state of consciousness conducive to reflection and creation

  • Exercises to discover your talents and passions and determine your values.

  • The creation of your unique mandala that will bring together the key elements in a visual representation.

  • A moment of exchange following the experience where everyone is free, though not obliged, to share their mandala in order to facilitate integration.

A wonderful inspiration for leading a life aligned on who you are and thriving!

What is the Soul Mandala?

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Next workshop: Eastman Spa, Saturday June 1 2024

Group experience sessions are now being facilitated in more than 70 different countries worldwide. Over the last 10 years, Innerdance has rapidly spread because of its powerful ability to catalyze significant shifts, transformations and healing in participants.

Before and after the multi-sensory experience, we sit in circle and everyone is free but not obligated to share what is present. for collective and individual integration.

No experience is necessary, only a calling to travel inwards. .


Innerdance is an internal journey towards understanding who and what we truly are, a return to the heart of our being, to the wisdom of our body and to connection with Source.

It is not a dance as we know it, it is not something you practice, nor is it a modality. Innerdance is a transformational experience, an intuitive and organic process of awakening, expansion of consciousness and healing.

A playlist carefully created to activate specific brainwave patterns, supported by instruments, voice and touch, create an immersive multi-sensory experience that enables this intimate voyage deep within.

There is nothing to do except lie down, close your eyes, surrender and let the wakened dream arise. The body can stay still during the whole process or can move exactly as it is meant to be.

This inward journey brings us to refine our perception and understanding of ourselves and the world around us, stimulate profound insights and activate our awakening.

t acts as a portal, a sort of mirror of our patterns, conditioning, masks and limiting beliefs to give us access to our true nature, our birth vision.

Innerdance can play a transformational role in the physical, energetical, psychic, emotional and spiritual planes.

he experience is different for each person and varies with each session:. It’s a space where anything is possible and everything is welcome:. There is no expectation of anything that is supposed to happen. You could experience profound insights, emotional release, spontaneous movement, physical sensations or vibrations, imagery, cosmic journey, timeline regression or just a deep sense of peace.

A deep journey into an expanded state of consciousness

What is Innerdance?

Next workshop: Montreal, Sunday May 5 2024

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