Soul Expansion


Soul Expansion Program

Your soul is calling you to step up and shine your light...

You are ready for the next step of your soul's evolution and for a quantum shift to higher vibrational frequencies.

On the Soul Expansion Journey you will be part of a small group where each soul will be transcending their own conditioning, fears and limitations and shifting their own realities. At the same time you will be accelerated and supported by the energy of like-minded souls sharing an extremely powerful container.

This journey will include:

  • Teachings on and activations of the energy field and all 7 chakras

  • Activations and transmissions from multi-dimensional Councils of Light including Sirius & Arcturus and from ancient civilizations including Lemuria, Atlantis & Egypt

  • Quantum tools and exercices to build your receiving channels, expand your consciousness and activate your inner wisdom and gifts

  • Private Facebook Group Support

  • Recordings of all group sessions

A group journey of expansion: heart, soul & consciousness

More information coming soon...

Start date September 2023

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