Is your career aligned on who you are?

In other words, are you in harmony with your career, your profession, your job, your business? As the exterior is often a reflection of the interior, let us first align our interior and then see what is in harmony with us.
By leaning on a few pillars, your passions, your talents, your essence and your values, you will be able to put your services to work, which will make sense of everything.
Your answers to the questions that follow will, I hope, enlighten your way.
Perhaps, are you one of those who do not feel passion in their work, or even in their life in general?
Now, what are you passionate about? Not in the sense of a strong emotion that makes you lose your mind but rather: What is the object that animates in you a feeling of satisfaction, pleasure, well-being? What makes you vibrate? What, when you do it, makes time seem to stop? And if you do not find an answer to these questions, what are you doing and what are you doing steadily?
If what you do is not passionate, the hours are long, and you run out quickly. Much energy is deployed to put the valve on the calling track. In addition, you experience resentment and do things backwards, which may be felt and reflected in front of your clients or employer. You can even go so far as to blame others for your dissatisfaction. You wonder then why you do not succeed as much as you would like.
What are your innate and natural talents? Maybe you do not know them? We have all been conditioned by the idea that we must work hard and hard to deserve something, that we are not worthy of ease. So how do you recognize what is easy and spontaneous in you? What do you do that does not require an external motivation or a big will, where motivation is intrinsic?
I often hear in my job people tell me of their talents: “It’s not a talent, it’s nothing, it’s so easy for me. So, easy equals nothing. No wonder so many people do not have an easy life … Easy is the first sign of a natural talent. And the second is to feel that it is so easy for everyone else, even if it is rarely the case.
For example, the other day, I talk to a friend who has made contacts to be invited to speak on web radio shows. When I ask her on what subject, she names me three or four and said: “Whatever the subject, I love to talk, I always find something to express on any subject. So here is someone who has the ability to express himself and is comfortable doing so without much preparation. You know like me that it’s not given to all, but she does not really feel that she has any particular strength. This is exactly what happens when something is innate in us.
Perhaps you know your talents and maybe they are not exploited to their true value?
What is your particular essence? What is your unique identity? What is purest within you, what comes out when you are, simply. That allows you to be anchored in your personal power, to be attractive and to avoid running after people or circumstances that do not suit you. This state of mind, with which you find your own answers, which facilitates the recognition of people who resonate with you, allows you to go from a reactive mode to a creative mode, to make the best decisions.
What are your values? What is really important to you? Is your career in harmony with your values? Your life is a set of all the different spheres that compose it, and all must be in harmony and in balance to be aligned.
And finally, what is your contribution? How do you put your talents and passions at the service of others?
So, what is the verdict? Is your career aligned with who you are?

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