Neuro-Linguistic Programming

What is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a comprehensive, practical approach aimed at achieving a major transformation – i.e., improving behaviour, expanding capabilities, altering an internal and external state, facilitating communication, changing inappropriate beliefs, etc. A large array of models, techniques and tools can come into play.

Here is an explanation of the terms:


Related to the nervous system; has to do with the way we use our mind, our body and our five senses to perceive and experience reality.


Related to language and personal expression; has to do with the way we use language and the influence it has on us and the world around us.


The imprint of past experiences and how they affect our states, beliefs, behaviour patterns and how we can change them to become more efficient, useful and positive.

NLP focuses more on the « HOW » than the « WHY ». It explores the « how to » and the « how to be » to bring about the most desirable transformation.

« Mind and body are indivisible parts of the same system » and
« Changing our experience of reality, changes our reality » are two basic NLP postulates.

What is the history of NLP?

NLP came into being in the 70’s at Santa Cruz University in California. Behaviour modeling, communication and the strategies of great masters of modern psychology were the focus of research conducted by Richard Bandler (psychology) and John Grinder (linguistics). Cybernetics, philosophy, anthropology and psychotherapy also influenced the development of NLP. NLP has since expanded into a variety of applications. They include business applications such as leadership, management and sales and applications in the fields of education and psychotherapy. The most widespread application today is in coaching and personal growth where lasting transformations are achieved in all spheres of life.

What are the particular assets of a NLP coach?

Apart from having received expert training in coaching, a NLP coach has access to a powerful set of models, techniques and tools, of proven value, that can be used to help you solve your problems and reach your goals.