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Mindset, the foundation of your success

Mindset is what happens between your two ears. It refers to your inner attitude, the way you feel, your mood, your thoughts, and your beliefs. It strongly influences your concentration, your motivation and your commitment. When your state of mind is limited, so are your results.
Having the knowledge, the training, the intelligence, the contacts, the physical abilities, the visibility and the action weigh in the scales, but it is the state of mind that will make the difference between an acceptable success and a success. extraordinary.
Let’s face it, the success of one is not necessarily the success of the other. Our success takes on a unique meaning for everyone.
If you do not feel up to your goals, if your fears and beliefs limit you and sabotage your efforts, procrastinate or avoid, frustration can set in, and real results can not be achieved. manifest. Notice, all this can happen unconsciously; what you observe is that you do not get the results you expect without knowing why.
Among the most classic fears, we find the fear of failure and all that it can cause. But as one of the presuppositions of NLP so aptly puts it, there is no failure, there is only learning.
We talk less about the fear of success, which is the other side of this coin, but which has its origins in the same place, in self-esteem.
If you think you’re scared of success, whether it’s your professional life or a goal you’ve set for yourself, ask yourself the following question: what do you risk losing? You will have some clues about the interferences of an optimal mindset to fuel your success.
Your answers may look like, “I’m at risk of losing my spouse or co-partner or support, approval from friends or family, feeling secure, honest, humble, simple, part of me, some goods, attention (carried to you because you do not succeed), etc. ”
Is it really obstacles or rather a misperception? And if you lose them in reality, what would be the worst scenario? Is it really so dramatic? And if what you lost could be replaced by something better for you?
To turn things around and build a more compatible mindset, ask yourself later: “What can I win? Your answers may look like: “I’m at risk of gaining more self-confidence, a sense of accomplishment, people who are more suited to who I will be after this success behind the tie, specific gains related to this success, etc. ”
Do not neglect to identify beliefs related to the fear of success. Maybe they res-seem to something like the following:
If I succeed,
I will take something away from someone else
I will not be able to support or adapt to it
it will not last
I will be overwhelmed
I will leave the others behind
I will be alone
I will not be satisfied yet
I will hurt others by my success or make them jealous
I will become arrogant
I will lose control
Are you sure this is true?
Once your blockages are aware, tame the monkey between your ears and put yourself in the mood to succeed! And if you want help, I’m here to help you!

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