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Networking or the importance of developing your network of business relationships

Whether you are a professional, an employee, an executive or a manager, job security is a myth in our time. Nowadays, becoming the leader of your career is a must. Studies show that 94% of jobs are obtained through contacts. Whether you want to progress within the company in which you work, evolve your career in your market or fly to other horizons, it is imperative that people know that you exist and know your unique talents.
If, on the other hand, you are a self-employed worker or business owner, it is imperative that your ideal customers can find you and know your services or products.
What is condition # 1 to get one’s way? To be visible!
There are many ways to be visible: a well-optimized website for search engines, social media, advertising in all its forms, conferences, participation in activities, etc. However, there is one activity that counts among the highest paying: networking.
In addition to allowing you to develop your network of business relations, networking goes a step further than other means by giving your interlocutor a “pilot test” of who you are. He is then in a better position to direct you to a job or service, to use your service or product, to hire you, to promote you or to invite you.
Remember that behind every person you meet, there is the potential of everyone she knows. It’s as if the person you met represented a potential sales team, provided you made a good impression.
The magic of networking is that it surprises us: information can flow in different directions, not always in the direction you expect. Hoping to meet a customer, you go to a supplier, hoping to find a job, you discover an employee.
What about saving time and increasing chances of success? A person recommended by another, especially one with credibility in your eyes, is likely to give a better result, faster.
And why no other benefits:
-Meeting someone you can recommend adds value to your own offer
-Find a business partner
-Receive an invitation for another event that will bring you even closer to your goal
-Find collaborators for a special event
-Get privileged information about your market
-To learn something new
-Build your contact list for your future needs
-To exercise better communication (always useful for a career progression or a sale)
-Beat your shyness
-Even, find a friend!
Networking is not the preferred method of many entrepreneurs and professionals. If that’s your case, maybe even avoid networking by saying, “I’m too busy. I would suggest that you rethink and prioritize what is important to you and how your career or business is progressing. Do you say, “How can I find the time? ”
It’s about your name being mentioned by the right person at the right time so that your life takes a new turn …

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