Lack of alignment, an interference to performance and job satisfaction

Some interferences that we are not always aware of can influence our performance; we are talking here about interference over which we have control, where we can exert an influence. The lack of alignment between the entrepreneur or the employee himself and his company is one of the most significant. This principle can also be applied in other spheres than that of work.

The alignment in this context is to be in agreement or in harmony with. It’s like the alignment of the wheels of a car. The four wheels to align are the talents, the passions, the values ​​and the mission.

A talent is an innate strength, something easy and natural, that can be done without effort and that often does not require external motivation. Most people have difficulty identifying their talents. Precisely because it does not require them any effort, they do not perceive that it has a real value. They often also feel that it is as easy for others, that the naturalness and ease are not unique to them, which is rarely the case.

One person just told me how she had several times in her career picked up the phone and called a vice president of a multinational to offer her services. I was surprised to realize that she was expressing this as if it was the most natural thing for her to do. I work in coaching with a multitude of people who are paralyzed at this idea. For her it was nothing; she did not even see any significant value.

I am not saying here that one should not put effort into the construction and progression of one’s business or career, I speak from the ground up using our natural talents.

If you have multiple talents, choose the ones you love the most and who are passionate about you.

For example, one can be easy with numbers, but not be passionate about it or want to spend a lot of time in his career manipulating it.

A passion is what we like to do, we have fun to do, which brings us satisfaction, that we do without seeing the time pass. No need to be deeply visceral and fiery. If you do things backwards, there is a risk of accumulating resentment, and you may feel that way. Other consequences: lack of motivation and concentration, boredom, stress, lack of energy. Even if your customers, for example, can not identify what is wrong, they will not want to do business with you, and you will wonder why you are not doing as much as you would like.

It is vital that our personal values ​​are in line with the values ​​of our company. In fact, some studies show that in more than 80% of cases, people leave their jobs because of a question of values.

If, for example, health is a value that is very important to you and you end up in a dangerous or toxic work environment or the products you sell cause a health problem, it will be difficult for you to to subsist a long time, or precisely you will subsist instead of live!

If you are accountant and integrity is at the top of your values ​​and you are asked to present numbers in a way that you deem unethical, you will not sleep well at night.

The last wheel and not the least, the mission, the why of your company. Mission is the unique meaning we give to our lives. It satisfies both self-fulfillment and the contribution to greater than oneself. She becomes our motivation. It takes into account our values ​​and beliefs.

It is also important that your mission includes your contribution – your contribution to yourself and your contribution to others. Otherwise, you will be in deficit, which means that eventually your business or career will be too.

Ask yourself the questions:
What does my business bring to me?
What does she bring to others?
What distinguishes my / his services or my / his products?
What is my / his unique approach?

Once your four wheels align, your talents, your passions, your values ​​and your mission and your company reflects them, your chances of success will be even more considerable. You will feel greater satisfaction and motivation, your life will make more sense, and you will feel that you contribute. The result will be the attraction and retention of ideal customers and minimal energy deployment for optimal performance!