Presence, vital ingredient for a well-informed human

Whether you yearn for success, happiness, love, fulfillment or inner peace, presence is essential.
Do you often happen to be there without being really there? That is, physically, you are in one place, but your whole being is not there? You are somewhat absent-minded, preoccupied by your thoughts, already drawing your future, clinging to your past, distracted by the slightest mosquito or stomach grunt ?
Chances are you are not present. Your body, your mask, your shell, a part of you is there. Your whole being, in all its integrity, its potential, its complexity, its real value, is absent.
When we speak of presence, we can refer to the quality of a person who has an attraction effect, such as magnetism. Although the fact of being present can have the same scope, here I speak of presence as a state of being.
Presence is being aware of oneself and of what is around us in the present moment, whether in the meeting room at work, having a snack with a friend, practicing a activity, playing with our child or even being in our sole presence. A kind of relaxed casual attention. Our senses are awake: we feel, we look not with our eyes but through our eyes, we listen, we feel, we taste. We remain open to possibilities, we gain insight, we trust our inner strength, we remain strong despite perceptions, obstacles and emotions. We are attentive to our needs while being aware of others. The head, the heart and the body are in harmony. In the presence, there is no urgency.
Here are some of the many opportunities available to us in the presence:

  • Be better performing without going against the grain </ li>
  • Doing things for the right reasons, those we care about </ li>
  • Accept what is there, especially if we do not have the power to change it. And if we have the power to change it, let’s accept it first to better change </ li>
  • Find the courage to speak up or make the necessary changes </ li>
  • Get in touch with the different parts of us who oppose them and make them complements </ li>
  • Act consciously </ li>
  • Establish healthy and genuine relationships </ li>
  • Make decisions without hesitation or regret </ li>
  • Appreciate what you have </ li>
  • Trust and trust </ li>
  • To be at peace with oneself and others </ li>
  • Collaborate effectively and respectfully with others </ li>
  • Have a positive impact on the world around us </ li>
    </ Ul>
    I would say even more, it is the quality of our presence in the present that determines our future.

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