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I strongly believe that loving what you do brings fulfillment to all areas of your life, including your relationships, and your health.

This is what sets me apart as a professional coach – a holistic approach where your career is considered an integral part of your life and not a standalone position.

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Sabine Hacker-Bousquet

Sales and Marketing Professional

"I stopped being a victim and decided to start taking action."

Before coaching with Pascale, I felt lost and unclear in my direction, unmotivated professionally and stuck in a vicious circle. I immediately loved Pascale’s approach; very human and focused on results at the same time. My goal was to reposition my career and also reach fulfillment in my personal life

Stéphanie C. Létourneau

Relationship Coach

“This has transformed the way I deal with life and I am much more of a go-getter and a positive person”

It had been a few years since I was under the impression that my professional life was not headed in the right direction or at least I felt that I could be more fulfilled somehow.


"I see it crystal clear in my mind now, the path that I have chosen to trace for myself and to walk upon."

Pascale is a true peaceful force. She is the precious guide that helped me see clearly who I really am and what I want to accomplish in life.

Gilles Beauchamp

Management Consultant and Business Broker

“I was able to identify a path to professional and financial accomplishment.”

When I first came to Pascale, my morale was low, I had few resources and my career prospects were poor.

Lara Hakim

MBA Candidate in International Luxury Brand Management

"A professional path that corresponds to who I am at all levels"

Before coaching, I was living my professional path as a total failure and I felt I was stuck in a vicious circle I couldn’t get out of.

Interior Designer

"I was able to recognize and move past destructive relationship patterns, open possibilities in my career path, and gain a strong sense of confidence in my own intuition and ability to communicate authentically"

I came to Pascale already quite self-aware after years of work on myself, but with a feeling that I was stuck and wanted to make some significant improvements in my life.

Annie Baillargeon-Fournelle

La fille du vent, Vocal Coach and Singing Teacher

"Towards an everlasting emotional, professional and personal autonomy."

Pascale has been of an extremely precious help at a moment when I needed it most. She knows what to say and when to say it, and brings us to understand for ourselves.

Carole D

Banking Industry

"The coaching enabled me to realize my full potential."

Before coaching with Pascale, I was very unsure of myself. I wasn’t comfortable in my skin and where I was in my life. I constantly doubted myself. During our sessions, I learned to detach from the elements in my life that were not positive for me.

Jean Michel

Partner, Talent Acquisition

"I recommend Pascale to anyone that is questioning the direction of their career or that simply need a second opinion."

Before coaching with Pascale, I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do but I needed the advice of a professional to get confirmation that I was on the right path and that I was undertaking the right actions.

Andrée Trempe

Coach for entrepreneurs

"I dared to move forward 100% in the development of my business"

I am very grateful to have mustered my courage to participate in your « Heal Your Money Story » Workshop. It unfolded with such softness and depth.

Rima El-Atrache 

Multi-Language Interpreter

"I feel more at peace with myself, more expanded and more joyous"

Dear Pascale. Thank you for this wonderful workshop on money! I can confirm with certainty that I have come out of it more expanded and I feel more spiritually elevated.