Be in your body to vibrate at a higher frequency – Part 1

Let’s go first to see the other side of the coin …
What does it mean to not live in one’s body? To be in the moon, to be preoccupied or to be in one’s head (even if the head is part of the body, to be in one’s head, it is not to be in one’s body …), to be dissociated, not to be to be present to oneself and to the other, to be in the past or the future, not to be in the present moment.
And what are the risks? To hurt yourself, either by hitting a toe on the corner of a piece of furniture, or by stepping into a door or having an accident. Maybe even, have an impact not quite desired on others. Take for example a ski runner; if he does not live in his body at each door or if he leaves his body a fraction of a second during his descent to 100 km / h, he risks a serious accident and even his life. And what about a surgeon? Would you like to have surgery done by a surgeon who is not in his body?
This was for the obvious; Now, let’s go a little deeper … When you do not live in your body, you become vulnerable to someone else taking advantage of it and you end up in a situation that you would not have chosen. -Even if you had been fully present. You can miss important information or even opportunities that could have made your life easier, enrich you, educate you, create positive change in your life, or make a difference in your journey. Your potential remains in the state of potential and does not have the opportunity to create itself in the material or to express itself. A painter who is not in his body gives life to his canvas.
When you are not in your body, there is no one at home to receive the packages you ordered or those that could be delivered to you by surprise. You may create intentions, set goals, make requests to the Universe, if you are not present to receive them, they will return to the pickup station, and it will become more complex to recover.
Let’s talk about time, this non-renewable resource, which once passed is no longer catchable. The time you are not in your body is as if you had lost that time, this opportunity to live an experience, a learning, an adventure.
When you do not live in your body, you can not enjoy the depth of a relationship, you can not feel love, joy, connection, appreciation for what surrounds you because that you are not fully present.
What does it mean to live in one’s body? Being present to oneself and to others, being in the present moment (neither in the past or the future), being anchored and centered, being in one’s heart.
And what results from it? A calm mind, a better use of our senses, a connection and an alignment with who we are, a solidity, an openness to receive, a greater capacity of listening, a stronger intuition, an inner peace, an increase of our vibration and an ability to materialize our desires.
Remember that you have chosen a human experience in the third dimension and that you need to inhabit your body to experience and express it fully.
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