To inspire, nurture and magnify you

Transformational Retreat

Open. Renew. Love.

At the Nirarta Center for Living Awareness
from September 23 to October 3 2019

Here is a peek at the some of the exciting activities:

  • Exercises to develop your intuition in sacred sites and temples
  • Deep reflection on your life’s mission, vision and direction
  • A purifying ceremony given by a great Balinese Priestess
  • Awareness Meditation everyday
  • A visit to Ubud, the spiritual center of Bali (the last destination in Eat, Pray, Love)
Feel like a participating in this wonderful adventure and enriching your life forever?

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Talks and Workshops

The following mind-shifting talks and workshops are available upon request
and can be tailored to all audiences:

Break Free from the Barriers to Your Full Potential
Communicate Effectively and Authentically
Turn Stress into Balance
Heal Your Money Story
7 Keys to a Successful Practice
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