Conscious awakening, coaching metaphor

Open the door of the unknown
Who knows, hides treasures
Dare to change your decor
I welcome you…
Come, I will accompany you
It’s you who will guide the way
And when you hold out your hand
I will be there by your side.
Know that you own yourself
Strengths, answers, solutions
I will serve as scout
To find them even deep.
Let the tears flow in you
Live, feel all the eddies
And what you will have touched
With love, welcome
Then you can
If you choose it.
Do not be afraid to watch yourself
I will hold the mirror
What you will see is sacred
Impressed with beauty.
Admire the spark
She livens your eyes
Emit full hope
It’s unconditional love.
And if sometimes the ch’min, you seem dead end
I will invite you to change glasses
You will make wonderful discoveries
And suddenly, time does not exist anymore.
If you feel distressed
I will question you
For better that you find
The return track
In your own way
Whoever will bring you
All learning
Which you need
To turn the page
Or become old wise.
And create new
With the eyes of the heart
A journey, a life
A burst of happiness.
Find your core
Where do all the seasons go
From your majestic being
Go now,
You are the master …

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