Are you in resistance? - Pascale Landriault

Are you in resistance?

What movement exists in you and calls you that you do not hear, or that you refuse to listen or even to which you oppose?
The human being has a propensity to resist the natural flow of life. In fact, he makes efforts, often unconscious, to put the wheels in the wheel to what is only naturally needed. One part of you only wants to emerge, and the other is constantly on its way. There is a good chance that this last, which is not your authentic part, shows resistance.
What is a resistance? It is an opposition, a blockage, a barrier, an interference, often linked to fear. I do not speak of resistance as a physical or moral ability in the test. And unlike the definition in chemistry that defines resistance as a property of a body to oppose the action of ex-inner agents, today I speak to you of internal resistance from none other than you even sometimes and often unconsciously.
It may well be that your resistance prevents you from seeing clearly in your objectives and strategies and taking action. Perhaps they are hurting you in your professional or personal fulfillment, in the expression of your talents, in the access to love or abundance. For example, you are about to launch a new service; part of you feels the call to do your job, and the other part resists because it is afraid of being criticized, judged, rejected by your colleagues or relatives, by your industry and that your credibility and reputation are ruined forever … And if this service allowed to revolutionize the industry or to serve thousands of people?
Maybe you have resistance because they allow you to not have to engage, to make you responsible, to leave your comfort zone, to not have to face the unknown. Your resistance actually gives you a false sense of security.
Resistance can take the form of a battle between your genuine part that wants and another part, the one that resists, that makes you imagine everything you have to sacrifice, endure or be to have it. For example, you have the desire to start a new project or a new activity, but the resistant part makes you think that it will ask you too much work and that it will be too difficult.
It is said that the human being is motivated to avoid suffering or to seek pleasure. Some studies state that we are twice as motivated to avoid suffering. If you think it is difficult to start your new project, you will not be motivated to do what it takes to succeed. You will do everything except what will bring you to your goal. You will even distract yourself for not having to feel the pain.
The irony is that anyway, you do not avoid suffering, because this part of you just waiting to emerge feels suffocated.
What happens when you resist:
You stay inactive, you become paralyzed, you go around in circles, you do not go into action.
You are experiencing more stress, maybe even anxiety.
You doubt yourselves and your ideas.
You shut up.
You play small.
You feel overwhelmed.
You lose time and efficiency.
You do not feel pleasure.
Resistance can manifest itself in different ways; for example, eating, drinking, sleeping, watching television, surfing the Internet, talking on the phone, etc. All these things that you do that make you deviate from your path. Sometimes even classes, reading, actions that are not bad in themselves and can even be very rewarding. It’s up to you to see and become aware when they are useful to you and when you use them to distract yourself or to make you feel busy.
Resistance can manifest itself in deflections: blaming others (colleagues, spouse, parents, children), creating dramas or chaos, expressing anger towards someone for no valid reason.
Resistance can also manifest itself through thoughts. This part that resists makes you imagine the worst scenarios, the disaster; it floods you with negative thoughts.
The following words are good indicators of resistance: “You are not fit”, “It will not work”, “It’s going to be too difficult”, “You do not deserve it”, “You’re not good at it” do not know enough “,” You’re bad “,” You’re not ready yet “,” Who are you for …? “Imposter! “Selfish! “.
The lyrics can be as toxic as they are beneficial depending on whether they are positive or negative.
When is the last time you have an illness to resist your advancement? The disease is often the mirror of the unconscious. Sometimes it’s a question of retyping the message and making a change to see it disappear. In the case of resistance, the message may be: “I created this disease as an excuse for not having to say no” or “I am creating this illness for me not to face such a situation because I are afraid of failure or success.
And finally, resistance can arise in the form of fear: fear of commitment, abandonment, rejection, judgment, betrayal, loneliness, failure, success, fear that it lasts no, afraid to disturb, to hurt, to lose face, to be ashamed, to take someone else’s place, fear of being overwhelmed, etc.
The first step in overcoming resistance is to become aware of it. You will then be better equipped to turn things around.

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