Doubt, a Passage to Personal Evolution

Ahhh doubt, the little monster that shows up at the worst moments for some, who lives permanently in the mind for others, who remains unacknowledged for the proudest! We all have an interest in taming it.

As Aristotle said: “Doubt is the beginning of wisdom. ”

Doubt can be felt as uncertainty about what we once thought to be true, whether it’s in the interpretation of a situation, in the face of an action to be taken, with trust in a person or even trust in ourselves.

This feeling is often destabilizing and takes us out of a comfort zone into an questionning zone. Our natural tendency is to apprehend it, to send it back to hide in the meanders of our mind, to dread it or, on the contrary, to let it disturb us, to let it feed on itself to reach exaggerated proportions and erode our trust.

Rest assured. Doubt is a natural state of mind that, when properly managed, can become a valuable guide. The questionning makes it possible to better position ourselves, to see more clearly, to change direction, to evolve.

If the doubt that arises concerns a situation or a person, have the courage to ask questions to clarify your presentiments. They may be the fruit of your too fertile imagination… or they will confirm your doubt, which will bring you to the truth and dictate the next course of action. On your end, make sure you’ve expressed your needs and desires and have clearly communicated your point of view.

Then, let go of what you can’t control. Trust. Tell yourself: “The universe is working to serve my best interest.” Even if you don’t see the immediate results as beneficial, it will make sense in the course of your evolution.

When the doubt concerns a choice between two conflicting opportunities, let time operate its magic, if you can tolerate uncertainty for some time. Otherwise, make a choice, whatever it is, contrary to the proverb that says: “When In doubt, abstain”. Being in an in-between state is an energy-consuming position! You will quickly see the light at the end of the tunnel, and the consequences of your choice will at worst be a great source of learning that will participate in your evolution. There is no wrong choice.

When doubt is expressed as insecurity about a person or situation and you start doubting yourself and your confidence is shaken, remember that no one but yourself can determine your value or who you are. We are all unique beings with our own strengths, vulnerabilities, talents, personal story and we all deserve what we desire.

So, let’s doubt for the time to get to the heart of the matter and to another stage of our personal evolution, and the rest of the time, let’s thrive in ease and flow!

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