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Discover your passion, find your path

Oh, what a satisfaction to find his way! What a pleasure not to have the impression to work but to finally fulfill oneself, to find meaning in one’s life, to express oneself freely!
It is given to each of the innate talents, and the unique combination of these talents is a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. It can be compared to a unique recipe that sets us apart and defines our path, our mission.
To begin, what would you say to allow yourself a little more passion? To allow oneself is to let the natural momentum be. Passion is the movement of being towards what he wants …
The human being has a propensity to resist the natural flow of life. In fact, it puts efforts, often unconscious, to put a spoke in the wheel to what is only natural to be. One part of you only wants to emerge, and the other is constantly on its way. What are you waiting for to put the latter, which is not your authentic part, in retirement?
Here are some simple ideas to begin to awaken the passion in you and connect to your authentic part, the one that will bring you on your path:
1) Do more what you like and less what you do not like.
2) Create a creative activity: dance, music, painting, decoration, etc. Activate your right brain. Let the passion come to the surface!
3) Take a moment to look for a pleasant memory of your childhood where you were in perfect harmony and connection with yourself. Bring back to you what this memory evokes several times a day to activate it.
4) When you have a spontaneous momentum for something or an idea and you say “Yes, BUT …”, stop at YES and do it!
5) Write in a newspaper what made you vibrate during the day. It can be as simple as the smell of rain. The more you give importance to what makes you vibrate, the more you will attract to it and the more you will vibrate.
6) Surprise someone once a day by giving a little more of yourself, a surprise, a gift, a word, a thought, for pure pleasure, without thinking, without calculating, without condition.
7) Get out of the box: take a normal way to do it and change it. For example: Take another path to the office. Change the recipe for your chicken of the week or improvise one.
Hope to see you on the way!

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