Improve the relationship that defines all others!

Sometimes we are our biggest enemy …
How many times a day does your inner language betray you? Is he abusing you? Does he blame you? Is he criticizing you? Does he treat you with names?
How often do you reach the bar you set yourself?
When are you satisfied or just happy?
Here are some tips to improve the relationship with none other than the most important person in your life, yourself:
* Treat yourself as you would treat your best friend – stop judging yourself. When you catch yourself having a conversation with yourself that you would not have with your worst enemy, stop immediately and rephrase. Use delicacy, compassion, generosity, encouragement and patience.
* Act and make choices based on your true nature and not out of external approval or reaction to a person or event.
* Validate your unpleasant emotions. What does it mean to validate? Make healthy. Emotions are healthy by nature. It is by denying them and repressing them that we risk creating unhealthy behaviors or even illnesses. This does not mean that we let them control us. Emotions are often indicators of satisfaction or non-satisfaction. Do not hide them under the carpet; they will eventually create mold.
How to validate an emotion without letting it take control? When you feel an emotion rise:
1) Take the time to feel it.
2) Welcome. Do not ignore it or try to push it away. Do you admit that she is present. Admit it. Do not judge her. (There are no “bad” emotions or emotions that are not allowed to be)
3) Feel it in its subtleties, identify it if you can.
4) Breathe deeply and ask for the message or the index of non-satisfaction that it brings you.
5) Act accordingly if necessary (take a step back, express yourself, take action, become available again).
 * Enjoy and thank you. Make a journal of appreciation and gratitude for yourself. Write down every day, at least one thing that you like about yourself or for which you want to thank you in your day. The more you will take the time to enjoy yourself, the more others will appreciate you. And the more you do it for yourselves, the more you will do it for others.
* Change what’s wrong with you. Make a list of what you tolerate or irritants in your life; whether it is people who drain you of energy, activities that do not stimulate you or objects that no longer work. Move on to something else. You will be invigorated and better surrounded by what looks like you. An inner harmony will follow.
* Let your boots follow your lips!  You’ll have a sense of integrity and a confidence that even you can not shake!
In the end, you will have made a new one (the friend!

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