I am passionate about the development of human potential. This has been a long-standing love affair of more than 25 years.

Human behaviour has always fascinated me… Born into a blended family (rare in those days!), I had ready access to a great observation lab. The age spectrum was broad and the range of personalities, extensive. This may have planted the seed of my 25-year passion for the development of human potential.

After studying Management Science at the University of Ottawa in my hometown, I attended a business school in Paris where I specialized in Organizational Structure and Information Systems. Phase one of my coaching career began at Xerox in Montreal where I held different sales and marketing positions (sales management, marketing, consulting, human resources recruitment and training) and played a role in developing the potential of many team members.

I then took the leap into private practice, as head of a human resources recruiting company; in this second phase, I had the opportunity to coach hundreds of people experiencing a career transition and help them find a position that dovetailed with their talents and fulfilled their aspirations. I have been a CHRP (Certified Human Resources Professional) since 2006.

I am now in the third phase of my coaching career and 100% dedicated to it. My rich personal history, understanding of the corporate world and first-hand experience as an entrepreneur, combined with strong intuitive skills, enable me to guide you towards solutions that are uniquely suited to you.

On a more personal note, I am passionate about sports, travel, artistic creations and my two boys that have now become men!

My favorite travel moments: kayaking in Halong Bay in Vietnam, the view of Machu Picchu from the top of Wayna Picchu and meditation on the black sand beach in Bali.

My Story

Today, I love my life and am passionate about the work that I do! It hasn’t always been this way…

When I was a young child, I often felt different, with a weird impression that I wasn’t in the right place. I would ask myself questions about the meaning of life and my role on this planet. I was sensitive to everything around me and when I tried to validate these feelings with the outside world, I was faced with unease, denial, judgement, rejection. It didn’t take long for me to shut down a part of me and submit to “domestication” (as Don Miguel Ruiz would put it) of my surroundings and society at large.

I began living the life I “should” lead. You may have done the same thing…

Just before I turned forty, I woke up with a life that wasn’t exactly mine… A good life as seen from the outside, but a life that did not reflect my essence, my beliefs, my values, my needs or my desires. It was a life that reflected the expectations of others – as I imagined them.

Have you ever asked yourself at some point in your life, perhaps even now:

Am I on the right path, MY path?

Am I living my passion, what I really want to be living?

There’s something missing in my life… what is it?

My new journey began at that point with the objective of finding out who I truly was and how to best express my being in my personal, social and professional lives.

I asked myself:

What are my innate talents? What comes to me naturally and with the greatest ease? What do I love to do, to feel? What are my values and beliefs? What is the most important to me? What makes me vibrate at a high frequency? In what environment do I shine the brightest?

Discovering who I was, was just the beginning…

I also needed to accept my distinguishing features, vulnerabilities and shortcomings, contend with the opinion of others and move on without overly trying to please or obtain approval. In short, I had to embrace my true nature and to love myself. When is the last time you went against your true nature?

It became clear to me that I could transform my life and was the only one with the power to do so.

At about the same time, I became aware that others reflected back to me aspects of myself, some of which I preferred not to see. I decided to withdraw the veil of illusion, look at reality in the eye and make the changes I was called to make.

I chose to assume full responsibility for my happiness and create for myself a healthy life, full of potentialities and filled with joy, pleasure, peace and love. Through it all, I experienced feelings of being overwhelmed as well as periods of stress, anxiety, depression, and fear, even paralysis.

You may at times have experienced such feelings…

The good news is that you don’t have to choose the path of:

“My life is OK as is” or “This is the way I am and there’s nothing I can do about it”.

It is possible to transform your life and this may well be easier and faster than you think.

The crux of it is deciding to change and then taking that first step – all the more effective and enjoyable when you have a partner to guide you.

To-date, I’ve had the privilege of working with a variety of mentors and coaches. This has made it possible to experiment with different approaches to personal and professional growth. The process is ongoing for me since I always want to remember who I am, who I want to become and who I am becoming.

If you're ready to take a quantum leap to create a career and life that reflects your potential, passion and magical dreams, I will be delighted to accompany you on this journey!

My Approach

I strongly believe that loving what you do brings fulfilment to all areas of your life, including your relationships and your health. This is what sets me apart as a professional coach – a holistic approach where your career is considered an integral part of your full life and not a standalone portion.

It is with great pleasure that I support you in reaching your goals, while guiding you towards your own solutions. I facilitate access to your talents and internal resources and help you lift the blocks along the way.

I believe that there is no universal recipe, no predetermined way, only unique individuals with an origin, an essence, a specific set of needs and a path of their own.

A coach is an external, neutral, professional helping hand that can help you reach a goal more simply, more smoothly, and more quickly – or just get there period. With a coach, you inevitably achieve more than you would on your own!

During coaching sessions, I commit to:

  • Promoting clear, honest and constructive communication
  • Being present without judgment
  • Working in collaboration with you while challenging you
  • Facilitating conscious change
  • Bringing you back to your goals
  • Reflecting your potential as well as the obstacles to your success
  • Encouraging you to take action and integrate your experiences.

My coaching values: respect, commitment, integrity, non-judgement, presence, openness and sense of humour

My coaching principals:

  • The client is at the center of the process. Throughout the coaching sessions, the client discovers his internal resources.
  • The approach is holistic. All of the human systems are interrelated and the progress in one sphere has an impact on the other systems.
  • The emphasis is on the solution. The “how” takes priority on the “why” and the future is privileged to the past.
  • The orientation is towards transformation. Awareness and the application of measurable and achievable steps lead to progress and the adoption of new habits.


My Credentials

Always on the quest for personal growth and innovative techniques, here are some of my most useful credentials:

PCC, Professional Certified Coach

from ICF International Coach Federation

CHRP Certified Human Resources Professional - 2006 to 2017

Advanced Diploma in Deep Transformational Coaching

from the International Academy for Deep Transformation in Bali

Post Master in NLP Coaching

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Post-Master in NLP and Health

ThetaHealing© Practitioner


with Dr Peter Wryzca

Heart Coherence

with Dr David O’Hare

Certified Teacher and Consultant of Soul Journeys© Heal Your Money Story

Vipassana Meditation