A Step in the Direction of Our Dream

A dream is produced by the imagination. It is the ideal representation of what we want to achieve. It only becomes reality when it takes on a material and physical form, that it comes to life.

To dream is very healthy; it is the first step in the accomplishment of what we desire.

Unfortunately, too many people remain stuck in the dream state; It’s comfortable.

What prevents us from going from dream to reality? Fear.

Fear of what? The list is long: fear of judgment, criticism, rejection, abandonment, failure, being hurt, overwhelmed or disappointed, to be alone, to have no more dreams. It is said that the ultimate fear is the fear of death.

These fears give us good conscience and the feeling of being like the others. They belong to the domain of the ego. Who would you be without your fear? They give the illusion of protection from suffering, which we’re sometimes already in anyway. They keep us in our  comfort zone of course, where often toxic mold proliferates.

I invite you to a new perspective … What I have observed is that the fear of life is even stronger than the fear of death. The fear of letting life vibrate in you, the fear of feeling, the fear of shining, the fear of opening up to others, the fear of giving and receiving, the fear of our talents, the fear of expressing ourselves, the fear of happiness, the fear of unconditional love, the fear of light, of our own light.

Let’s feel the fear, embrace it AND walk bravely into the light.

Dare to dream and dare to take the second step: a first action in the direction of the realization of the dream. Without thinking too much. On your marks. Go! Get set after…

Death will inevitably happen one day without us having anything to do; life, is already there, in us and outside of us. Let’s seize it while there is still time.

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