8 tips to persevere with resolutions

Sdid you have decision synonymous with resolution?
On a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is the highest, how much are you willing to change or how much are you committed to your goals? Look no further, your results will be directly proportional to this figure.
1) First of all, set achievable goals!  It’s always possible to increase them once you reach them, and you’ll be more motivated to pursue them. . As an example, at the beginning of the year, I decided to do a food cure for 4 days: no gluten, no refined sugar, no dairy products, no meat, no coffee and no alcohol, all-natural and organic foods as much as possible, lots of raw, fruits and vegetables, legumes and nuts, lots of water, a good start in the morning with a Budwig cream (you’ll find the recipe in the Cheers section) and a little psyllium to help eliminate the whole thing. I felt so good after 4 days that I decided to continue and I am now at my 14th day!
2) Set Reasonable number of goals. (Be unreasonable elsewhere in your life, no worries!) You will be encouraged to persevere if you do not feel overwhelmed.
Even if your resolutions are already taken and your goals set, there is still time to revise them. And by the way, they are not cast in the concrete. You can change them at any time. And add some too.
3) Imagine yourself in your desired state . What do you see around you, what do you hear, what do you feel? Go even to smell the smells around you. By doing this at least once a day, you will be in the ideal vibration to attract circumstances, people, events to bring you to your desired state.
4) Create a mantra, a phrase you can say that will represent you once your goal is reached. Use the “I” and speak in the present as if you already lived it. For example: “I work in a business within walking distance of home where I thrive fully” or “I am in great physical shape and I weigh 130lbs”.
For best results, repeat it aloud, 3 times in a row, at least once a day and if possible in front of the mirror.
5) Remember a moment in the past when you achieved a goal . Relive this experience and especially the pride, the well-being and all the benefits of this achievement. This will motivate you to experience similar benefits again and encourage you to persevere.
6)  If what you’re doing does not work, do something else. In other words, if it does not work, change your approach. If you plan to go to the gym 3 times a week in the early morning and you can not do it, try going there for lunch or dinner instead. If you have decided to do one hour of writing a day and it does not work, why not spend a full day or a half day a week and reorganize your schedule?
7) Separate your goals into smaller portions  or, if your goal or resolution is for a period of time, divide the time. Find a way to congratulate yourself at every step. For example, every time you get an interview if you want to change jobs, every month you did not smoke, etc. The reward does not have to involve an expense or food. And above all, do not settle for your reward to be related to your vice! For example, you want to lose weight and you give yourself a piece of chocolate cake for every 5 pounds you eliminate!
8)  The last tip and not the least! (You still did not think I would let you get away with that?)
Have a coach accompany you. There’s nothing better than a good coach to get you back on the right path – the one you’ve chosen! For my part, I encourage you to take definite actions, bring you back to your goals, identify your resistance and help you transform them, facilitate access to your strengths to better overcome obstacles, congratulate you at every step you take!

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