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7 keys to attract abundance

Money is pure and infinite energy. We were not created to disagree or disconnect with the money. As we are part of the Universe, money is also part of it.
Our relationship with money is sometimes the mirror of our other relationships: relationships to our family, our career or our business, our spouse or lover, ourselves, our social relationships or professional, even to our body. As money is a tangible and material form, it can be used as a healing tool for what is much deeper; it can illuminate us with subconscious beliefs or parts of us that can prevent us from expressing our full potential and accessing abundance in a general way.
I invite you to think about what kind of relationship you want to keep up with money and consider these 7 keys to attract more abundance into your life.
1- Look at the money in the whites of the eyes – just as you would with someone with whom you share a great intimacy
Be comfortable receiving and asking for money. Follow your money; always know where you are in your finances. Clean up your money leaks. As a best friend, be interested in what he does, see him blossom, listen to him, give him your attention. What you feed is growing in beauty.
2- Praise gratitude
Appreciate and thank what is and what appears in your life. Show off your gratitude. If you radiate abundance and gratitude, that’s what will come back to you. If you are in resistance and fighting, that’s what will come back to you. Be aware of the airwaves you send.
When you talk to yourself or others, talk about what’s plentiful in your life instead of what’s missing. Focus on what you have around you and what is positive in your life instead of focusing on what does not work or does not happen. Enjoy the money and what it brings you – It’s like watering a plant: “Thanks for giving me this good meal, thank you for being here so I can pay my bills. ”
3- Overcome your fears – these fears that prevent you from having access to abundance
Fears hold us back and prevent energy from entering – the energy of money and the energy of abundance. It is not the lack of abundance that holds us back, it is the fact that we hold back that prevents abundance from entering. When the curtains are closed and there is only the small hole of the lock, the light can not enter; we have to open doors and windows to let in light.
4- Make peace with your past
When you have a conversation with someone and constantly talk about something that happened in the past, and even worse, every time you see that person, they keep repeating the same stories of past as a jumping record, and if in addition, these stories are filled with resentment or other unresolved feelings, do you find that attractive? Do you want to stay long in this conversation or with this person? So why would it be different with abundance?
5- Create a vision of abundance
Start by thinking about why you want this abundance. Then make a visual or written representation or a combination of both in a large notebook or large box. Separate it into categories or make one big montage. Find images that inspire you. Dare to imagine LARGE. Create this vision as if you had no time limit, money, energy, knowledge, etc. Then, ask yourself what actions you will put in place to bring your vision to reality. And put yourself in action!
6- Give
The law of reciprocity is the “give, receive” model, which says that when we give a well-intentioned and unconditional place to showcase another person or situation, something similar or better will come back to us (not necessarily from the same source who received it). This is one of the principles of balanced rhythmic exchange.
So the more you give, the more you will receive. It is not a matter of giving to receive, but of giving with the pure intention of giving (without a rope attached afterwards). And if this way of giving is respected, you will create a flood of abundant energy that will come back to you.
7- Make decisions from the “FUTURE YOU” abundant.
If you want to attract more abundance, think and act according to who you want to be or become. It’s not about money or abundance, it’s about who you need to become to attract more into your life.
When you want to make a decision, put yourself in the shoes of the “future you”. What decision would he / she take? Is this decision aligned with what you want to create in your future?
This is a great start to opening up opportunities around abundance and money and allowing the Universe to start working with you – to co-create with you.

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