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11 ways to make a power-on instead of a burnout

We hear more and more about burnout as the leading cause of prolonged absences from the world of work. But what about the undiagnosed burnout, the one that many live in silence? The one that can be manifested by a lack of overwhelming energy, a disorder of “pulling the paw”, a feeling of overcoming that does not seem to want to let go? How to catch it flying and kill it in the bud before it gets too big and bogged down on the way to no return?
1- Dare to say no.
Keep in mind that saying no is not AGAINST what you say, but good TO respect your limits and say yes to your needs. In other words, do not say no to say no, but to say yes to oneself. And you will be surprised to see that when you say no, others discover new ways to get by, find solutions and come out of it.
2- Do not put too much on your plate.
Do not plan too many items on your “To do” list of the day. It is better that you finish the list to give you a sense of accomplishment and a boost of energy. You will always have the option to start the next day if you have time to use. Even if you have deadlines, a day is only 24 hours, no more. And if you do a job in a chaotic state, you will not be efficient and you will waste that time. On the contrary, if you are willing, you will be much more productive and focused.
3- Start by putting your moments of leisure and relaxation in your schedule.
And they only jump in case of force majeure!
4- Book a specific time in your day to answer your emails, calls, text messages and social media.
Determine time slots in your day (choice – 3 or 4 on average should be enough) for these activities and take action – answer, classify or delete. This will prevent a bog down of your technology, prevent the feeling of overcoming and will give you a personal satisfaction. Few are the requests that can not wait. Notify the people with whom you communicate your response time; expectations will be well fixed.
5- If you can, delegate tasks that do not benefit from the best use of your time and that require a significant energy in relation to performance.
6- Take breaks regularly in your day.
And this, even if you are passionate about your work. Even a few minutes to stretch and refresh your ideas. The best inspirations often come during breaks. It’s as if your subconscious had room to breathe and let creativity emerge while you’re not in the go-go-go. Also, some studies show that after a few minutes to be concentrated, the brain loses its effectiveness and needs a break to better start again.
7- Book yourself a minimum of 30 minutes a day for a teaser with yourself.
Meanwhile, indulge yourself. You can meditate, breathe, read, take a bath or simply be, connect to yourself – especially do not be dizzy …
8- Set up systems to automate repetitive tasks.
Wherever you have tasks that you are asked to repeat often, such as documents, letters, reports, do you create templates, spreadsheets, procedures, that will save you money? time to avoid having to reinvent the wheel each time. You will feel lightened.
9- Take a vacation!
Do what works best for you: big vacations a year to get full wins or smaller holidays more often or better, both.
10- Nourish you with healthy food and take at least 3 meals a day (it is better 4 small than 3 big).
If 50% of your energy is used to digest, you will not have much left over for the rest. Do not forget to have breakfast. Avoid foods that bother you and vary your diet.
11- Do a physical activity at least 3 times a week, preferably one that will stimulate your cardiovascular system.
Turn on your power (power-on,) and burnout will be out of place!

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