10 Ways to Catalyze Your Energy

Whether you want to be a better leader, make a change, attract people or rewarding circumstances, or just feel great, your energy is your greatest resource.

The energy is to the body what gas is to the car. Without it, you can’t function.

Here are some ideas to catalyze your energy and give yourself more stamina:

1) Take great care of your body – it is your temple and your vehicle.

?Train it. Do a physical activity ideally 1 hour a day and at least 3 times a week, preferably one that will stimulate the cardiovascular system.

?Listen to it. Stop when you’re tired, or you have discomfort or pain, rest, take a break and Figure what it’s trying to tell you.

?Nourish it with healthy foods and take at least 3 meals a day (better 4 small than 3 big). If 50% of your energy is used to digest, you will not have much left over for the rest. Avoid foods that create discomfort and add variety to your diet.

?Pamper it. Wash it, massage it, make love.

?Have it check out by a health professional from time to time.

2) Do what you love. Choose a career that makes you vibrate, do more of what you love and less of what you don’t like. It’s an unequivocal guarantee of renewed energy!

3) Get in touch and be in touch as often as possible with people who give you energy.

4) Stay away from people who drain your energy. If you have no choice (we always have the choice, but say that if it’s your mother and you’ve already limited your visit to once a year or your boss and you’re already teleworking while waiting to leave your job and you have to go to the office once a month :)), protect yourself. Rather than playing their game, become a spectator of their play.

5) Determine and set your boundaries. You will avoid overconsumption and wasted energy.

6) Express yourself. By expressing your feelings and emotions (consciously and non-violently) your energy level will rise. By repressing their expression, you will accumulate tension, stress and resentment that will affect your energy level.

7) Clarify what concerns you. Ask questions to clarify situations that are unclear and do not make assumptions. If it’s within you that you’re not clear, ask yourself the right questions, think carefully or take an action that will give you answers. The state of confusion consumes a lot of energy.

8) Use visualization. Have a project, an objective, a dream or a state of being that stimulates and energizes you, make an image of it (visual or in your imagination) and feel the energy it brings you as if you were living it in the present.

9) Unclutter. Make space and get rid of what is not representative of you or not useful or pleasant.You will feel lighter, more free and energized. What is no longer in your living space is no longer in your brain; you no longer have to worry about it.

10) Take vacations and breaks regularly. Choose what works best for you: one long vacation or smaller vacations more often or a mix of both.

Rise and Shine!

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